Top 5 Beers of the Month – January 2016

Top 5 Beers of the Month – January 2016

  1. Xocoveza – Stone

    Tastes like a Mexican dessert – but it’s beer! Cinnamon, Coffee, Vanilla, Nutmeg, yum.

  2. Smoke & Dagger – Jack’s Abby

    Solid smoked lager. Inexpensive but tastes like it cost more. Great value

  3. Equinoxe du Printemps (Maple Scotch Ale) – Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!

    Full bodied, big alcohol, but smooth and delicious. Dieu du Ciel can do no wrong and worth a trip to Montreal.

  4. Noel – Baladin

    Had this at Eataly (their Manzo restaurant to be exact) and then sought and found a 750ml bottle at New Beer Distributors for $12 or $13!

  5. Bikini Blonde Lager – Maui Brewing

    My friend Cris said this is his favorite beer – so had to try it when cans hit NYC. BeerAdvocate gives it an 83 – but I think it’s definitely 5 points higher than that. To me – it was Lager with Hawaiian fruit notes.

Getting Started – Real Beer Blogging

I’ve only been drinking craft beer for about 3 or 4 years.  I graduated college 14 years ago – where back then – craft beer wasn’t really a thing that was readily available, even in New York City. Sure there were Belgian beers here and there – or maybe an Old Speckled Hen here and there – but it was college – we didn’t have a ton of money so coors and bud were what you drank. I hated the taste of that stuff – still do. Fast forward about 10 years, past a cider phase, past a malt beverage phase, past a gin and tonic and vodka drink stage to a trip to Belgium – Bruges to be exact. It was at Brasserie Cambrinus where I sampled sour, fruitier beers like Delirium Red and Fruli – and then on the Half Moon Brewery to sample Straffe Hendrik (tripel and quadruple). Right then and there – the palate started evolving and appreciation started to happen – and then it was all down hill and now I have a beer blog!

So a few years ago – I start a Tumblr blog – – focused on purely good photos of the beer I’m drinking and the glass I poured it into. Kept it simple, new beer, photo, new beer, photo. I didn’t delve into likes, dislikes or opinion – just kept it photo blog simple. 360 posts and over 900 followers later – I wanted to expand the Tumblog into a real blog. The plan is to keep the easy photo content active and expand to longer form posts. I want the writing to be focused on New York City Beer Blogging, but also talk about my travels and the beer I uncover in my travels. I also have my wife, Theresa, here to chip in with writing – bringing more content around the beer lifestyle and its connection to food. It’s going to be great! I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I will.

Cloudbusting – Grimm

Tesseract – Grimm

Bourbon County 2013 – Goose Island

The Devil is People (Sour Smoked Wheat Ale) – Stillwater

The Commodore – Ballast Point

Pere Jacques 2013 – Goose Island

Route des Epices – Dieu du Ciel

Urweisse – Ayinger