Getting Started – Real Beer Blogging

I’ve only been drinking craft beer for about 3 or 4 years.  I graduated college 14 years ago – where back then – craft beer wasn’t really a thing that was readily available, even in New York City. Sure there were Belgian beers here and there – or maybe an Old Speckled Hen here and there – but it was college – we didn’t have a ton of money so coors and bud were what you drank. I hated the taste of that stuff – still do. Fast forward about 10 years, past a cider phase, past a malt beverage phase, past a gin and tonic and vodka drink stage to a trip to Belgium – Bruges to be exact. It was at Brasserie Cambrinus where I sampled sour, fruitier beers like Delirium Red and Fruli – and then on the Half Moon Brewery to sample Straffe Hendrik (tripel and quadruple). Right then and there – the palate started evolving and appreciation started to happen – and then it was all down hill and now I have a beer blog!

So a few years ago – I start a Tumblr blog – – focused on purely good photos of the beer I’m drinking and the glass I poured it into. Kept it simple, new beer, photo, new beer, photo. I didn’t delve into likes, dislikes or opinion – just kept it photo blog simple. 360 posts and over 900 followers later – I wanted to expand the Tumblog into a real blog. The plan is to keep the easy photo content active and expand to longer form posts. I want the writing to be focused on New York City Beer Blogging, but also talk about my travels and the beer I uncover in my travels. I also have my wife, Theresa, here to chip in with writing – bringing more content around the beer lifestyle and its connection to food. It’s going to be great! I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I will.

Straffe Hendrik “Bruges Triple Ale” – Half Moon

This week’s haul. Coming soon to individual posts!

In’t Nieuw Museum restaurant in Bruges.

Mort Subite kriek fruit beer and a Straffe Hendrik from Half Moon Brewery.  The Mort is a super tart, super fruity lambic.  You can power those down and not even realize it until you pass out.  The Straffe Hendrik is the king of beer of Bruges.  Super craft – super refined.  We did a tour of this brewery and their entire process is still old school, old world craft brewing.

Now the restaurant – In’t Nieuw Museum.  Before any vacation, we do a ton of research to map out our trip – make it efficient – and find local favorites.  This place is a local favorite and was one of the best places of our few days in Bruges.  Essentially – they serve all you can eat ribs.  Yes – ribs in Bruges – on an open fire grill in the middle of the restaurant.  Safety standards – none. Guy continuously basting and seasoning ribs – yes. Delicious ribs that kept coming as you never had to say a thing – yes.  Great belgian beer selection – yes.  Massive bowls of belgian frites with each entree – yes. Everything amazing – yes.

La Wepionnaise.

Belgian fruit beer I had at Bierbrasserie Cambrinus in Bruges a few years ago.  Definitely tasted like strawberries – as you can see that weavel / rat like character placing berries into the beer machine.

One of the cooler parts about Bierbrasserie Cambrinus is that every single beer has its own glass—-and there are hundreds of beers.  To that end, I’ve started collecting glasses myself.  Only tulip glasses so far.  I find them very proper – and red wine glass like.

One of my fiancee’s favorite beers – Straffe Hendrik by Half Moon Brewery out of Bruges. That’s “Strong Henry” in English – and this tripel is 9%.  They have a quad that’s 12% that’s also amazing.

Some local NY/Brooklyn beer stores have the Straffe Hendrik Heritage.  Pricey but worth it!

Delirium Red. A throwback Thursday as I had this on draught back in 2011 at Bierbrasserie Cambrinus in Bruges.

I love the sweet/sour beers and this cherry beer took the cake. 8.5% ABV too!  Just like Tremens – this Red went down extremely smooth.