Snake River Zonker Stout.  My god was this stout amazing.  Super rich, dark, robust, chocolatey, coffeey.

This guy was on sale for $2 at Eastern District in Greenpoint.  I’ll be going back to stock up on whatever they have left tomorrow.

My beer in a can experiences haven’t been the best – but this one puts that experience in a much much better perspective.

Victory Storm King Stout! Amazing chocolate and coffee stout. It looks like I’m going to keep drinking stouts through summer because these great ones keep on coming.  Enjoyed in the backyard of Brouwerij Lane.  Where else!  My home away from home.  These little glasses – only $3.  Again, allows you to try everything and not break the bank.

Victory CBC Melon Session Ale on draught at Brouwerij Lane post their Victory Brewery takeover last Thursday.

Great spring / summer ale.  Clean, light, refreshing, and fruity. Can’t wait to have this on a hotter day.  But did enjoy in Brouwerij Lane’s backyard.  So relaxing!

Okay. This ones crazy. IMHO.

I could be ignorant but when I was at the key food in Greenpoint, they had all the polish beer – and the Zywiec Porter was $1.69.

$1.69!!! And it’s almost 10% ABV. So what could I lose for trying it. Turns out – yes – you get what you pay for. But considering everything, it certainly was far from bad. If only I would have been a fan of this in college.

I don’t know for sure if I’d ever buy it again. But if I only had a couple bucks in my pocket – I’d get this every time.

Beer for Beasts fundraiser for the Humane Society of NY. Held at the Bell Tower near Gowanus.

Amazing cause and one of a kind beers – literally. Many single batch brews made just for the event. Like Thin Mint, Orange Chocolate Stout, Yellow Submarine (herbal and mellow), and La Menudo (coriander, lime, and hot peppers). All beer supplied by Sixpoint.

The first pic is of a killer t-shirt we bought – with all proceeds going to the animals. There was a ton of dog hair on the shirts – so it seemed fitting.

It was sold out but never felt overwhelming and there was never a
line longer than a minute.

Can’t wait to go next year.

My Blueberry Nightmare from Italy by Birrificio Del Ducato.  This beer is amazing but absurd. It’s a sour stout with blueberries and chili peppers. And at 11% alcohol – this beer definitely felt more like a port.

Had this on draught from where else but Brouwerij Lane – about a year ago. The most expensive beer they’ve ever had on draught I believe. $6 for the tiny glass and no free tastings.