Plenty of more seasonally-appropriate beer could’ve filled this space.

It’s the last day of July, and the fall seasonal beers are already hitting beer shop shelves. In fact, some of them have been sitting on shelves for over two weeks now. “Seasonal creep" in the beer industry, as we’ve noted before, is getting out of control. Brewers continue to push up their timelines so they can be first to market with their top-selling seasonal beers. Remember when Sam Adams tweeted a picture of a bottle of their Summer Ale in the snow back in March? Not surprisingly, their Oktoberfest hit market the same week we suffered from an oppressive string of 90+-degree days. Bottled-on dates on the first batch of Southern Tier Pumking to hit New York City were in early July, meaning they started brewing their fall seasonal in June.

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It is ridiculous but being that Pumking is my favorite pumpkin beer and perhaps one of my favorite beers altogether – I picked up two. Sorry – I love it that much.