There’s nothing worse in the world to me than wasting money.  I’m very cost conscious and ALWAYS hunting for deals.  Which leads into a quick story.  About a year ago, the first dedicated craft beer store opens in Long Island City (Queens, NYC), called Beer Closet.  I go in and they have an amazing selection – and the prices are fantastic.  I even told them the prices were amazing.  Probably a huge mistake right there.

Fast forward several months and they closed.  I pass by there often and there was never anyone in there.  Couple months later, they reopen – and still no one in there.  So I decide to go in there – completely lured in by a sign out front reading “Buy 6 and Get 25% Off”.  How could I refuse?  I go in and prices aren’t listed on any of the beers but they had great stuff.  De Molen, some Evil Twin I hadn’t had in a while…so I pick up 6.  Go to the register and with the 25% discount – I’m at $40.

So check out the receipt I posted here.  These De Molens go for about $8 a piece – and one was $14 and one was $12.  The Evil Twins were each over $5.  Those are easily $3 a piece in Manhattan at New Beer.  I now see why no one goes in there.  I’ll never be back.  I wonder if its because I told them the prices were low when they first opened….DAMN.