Firestone 2012 Abacus.  Before it became Sucaba. Had this at the Firestone takeover night at Brouwerij Lane about a month ago now.  I’m behind in posts.  Because I’m writing this a month after I had it – I don’t remember the difference between this and Parabola and Double Jack and the others.  I believe Abacus is sweeter since its the Barley Wine.  I remember them all tasting aged – since they were 2012s – which is always a good thing.

This past weekend though – I picked up two 2013 Sucabas for $14 a piece in central NY – amazing!  Land of where people don’t buy a lot of craft beer.  I also picked up two Parabola’s for $15 a piece – and DogFish Te Henket on clearance for $1.99 a bottle.  I bought 3 – but I should have bought it all.