Long Island City’s Beer Closet – I Think I Got Hosed

There’s nothing worse in the world to me than wasting money.  I’m very cost conscious and ALWAYS hunting for deals.  Which leads into a quick story.  About a year ago, the first dedicated craft beer store opens in Long Island City (Queens, NYC), called Beer Closet.  I go in and they have an amazing selection – and the prices are fantastic.  I even told them the prices were amazing.  Probably a huge mistake right there.

Fast forward several months and they closed.  I pass by there often and there was never anyone in there.  Couple months later, they reopen – and still no one in there.  So I decide to go in there – completely lured in by a sign out front reading “Buy 6 and Get 25% Off”.  How could I refuse?  I go in and prices aren’t listed on any of the beers but they had great stuff.  De Molen, some Evil Twin I hadn’t had in a while…so I pick up 6.  Go to the register and with the 25% discount – I’m at $40.

So check out the receipt I posted here.  These De Molens go for about $8 a piece – and one was $14 and one was $12.  The Evil Twins were each over $5.  Those are easily $3 a piece in Manhattan at New Beer.  I now see why no one goes in there.  I’ll never be back.  I wonder if its because I told them the prices were low when they first opened….DAMN.


Grimm Ales – NYCs Current Beer Fashion

Grimm Ales is the current toast of the town in the NYC beer world.  They release a beer and within 24-48 hours, practically every store that was lucky to get an allocation is sold out.  The dudes at Good Beer even told me that people will follow the Union Beer Distributors truck  when they make their rounds on Thursdays.  What’s funny – is out on Long Island in a town called Rocky Point – there’s a beer distributor where you can go right now – and they have all the Grimm Ales going back like 6 months.  So it’s totally an NYC thing.  And I actually enjoy the hunt for the beers and following Twitter and BeerMenus for when spots drop.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brewery – I love this paragraph from their site:

“Grimm Artisanal Ales is a Brooklyn-based nomadic brewery founded in 2013 by Joe and Lauren Grimm after nearly a decade of tinkering with fermentation. The couple develops each recipe in the kitchen of their Gowanus apartment and travels to existing breweries near and far to craft their beers.  Grimm specializes in concise, elegant ales epitomizing the creative, experimental spirit of the American artisanal beer revolution. Each one is a single-batch, limited-edition release that may never come around again.”


Top 5 Beers of the Month – January 2016

Top 5 Beers of the Month – January 2016

  1. Xocoveza – Stone

    Tastes like a Mexican dessert – but it’s beer! Cinnamon, Coffee, Vanilla, Nutmeg, yum.

  2. Smoke & Dagger – Jack’s Abby

    Solid smoked lager. Inexpensive but tastes like it cost more. Great value

  3. Equinoxe du Printemps (Maple Scotch Ale) – Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!

    Full bodied, big alcohol, but smooth and delicious. Dieu du Ciel can do no wrong and worth a trip to Montreal.

  4. Noel – Baladin

    Had this at Eataly (their Manzo restaurant to be exact) and then sought and found a 750ml bottle at New Beer Distributors for $12 or $13!

  5. Bikini Blonde Lager – Maui Brewing

    My friend Cris said this is his favorite beer – so had to try it when cans hit NYC. BeerAdvocate gives it an 83 – but I think it’s definitely 5 points higher than that. To me – it was Lager with Hawaiian fruit notes.

Getting Started – Real Beer Blogging

I’ve only been drinking craft beer for about 3 or 4 years.  I graduated college 14 years ago – where back then – craft beer wasn’t really a thing that was readily available, even in New York City. Sure there were Belgian beers here and there – or maybe an Old Speckled Hen here and there – but it was college – we didn’t have a ton of money so coors and bud were what you drank. I hated the taste of that stuff – still do. Fast forward about 10 years, past a cider phase, past a malt beverage phase, past a gin and tonic and vodka drink stage to a trip to Belgium – Bruges to be exact. It was at Brasserie Cambrinus where I sampled sour, fruitier beers like Delirium Red and Fruli – and then on the Half Moon Brewery to sample Straffe Hendrik (tripel and quadruple). Right then and there – the palate started evolving and appreciation started to happen – and then it was all down hill and now I have a beer blog!

So a few years ago – I start a Tumblr blog – GrantDrinksBeerNow.com – focused on purely good photos of the beer I’m drinking and the glass I poured it into. Kept it simple, new beer, photo, new beer, photo. I didn’t delve into likes, dislikes or opinion – just kept it photo blog simple. 360 posts and over 900 followers later – I wanted to expand the Tumblog into a real blog. The plan is to keep the easy photo content active and expand to longer form posts. I want the writing to be focused on New York City Beer Blogging, but also talk about my travels and the beer I uncover in my travels. I also have my wife, Theresa, here to chip in with writing – bringing more content around the beer lifestyle and its connection to food. It’s going to be great! I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I will.